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Product Examples

Sample 1-†Product shown in picture is the 33x11cm Photo on a Block Frame.
This information also is relevant for the 57x19cm Photo on a Block Frame and
the 80x26cm photo on a Block Frame.

Our block frames are mountless and glassless, they have been created after lengthy search for a suitable moulding to give a contemporary feel for any modern looking house, but being a black moulding, can easily fit any interior design.

No special care is needed, just hang. the paper is 300 gram archival, so there is no concern with fading.†

The block frame range has quickly become a best seller. also the best option when you want to travel with it interstate or overseas for gift purposes.

Sample 2- Product below is the 50x33cm Canvas Stretched.
This information is also relevant for the 76x50cm Canvas Stretched,
106x71cm Canvas Stretched and also 152x101cm Canvas Stretched

Great care is taken to produce our canvasses, we use quality tightly woven canvas material to allow us to print with greater detail and sharpness.

Once printed we spray seal (laminate) the canvas for UV protection, scratch proof, waterproof and mould resistance. Once sealed, the canvas is stretched onto a wooden stretcher bar and is ready to hang. Our canvas materials have been tested and rated to last over 100 years.

As you can see in the photo sample, the image continues around all sides of the finished canvas, using a reverse gallery wrap, making more visible from different angles around the room itís hung in.

Customers are often heard to comment about how 'the colour just pop out of the canvas', making it ideal for my laneway and arcade shots of Melbourne.

Sample 3- Product below is the 60x40cm Photo in a Block Frame.
This information also is relevant for the 80x54cm Photo on a Block Frame
(Also refer to Sample 1 for more info about block frames)

Contemporary looking, no reflection and light weight but with lots of impact, either you love the style of the block frame or if you don't have adequate wall space, this might be the frame you need.

Quality hand made product, using archival 300gsm luster photographic paper, this frame ticks all the style boxes and is equally stunning with a landscape image or a street art burst of colour.

Sample 4- Product below is the 91x30cm Canvas Stretched.
This information is also relevant for the 150x50cm Canvas Stretched
(Also refer to Sample 2 for more info about canvasses)

Ever so popular, panoramic canvas finished pieces have won over many visitors to our gallery space, whether being an individual image or the story telling montages.

Sample 5- Product below is the Triptych frame, 15x20cm Photos in a 51x26cm Black Frame.

This section of our website (Triptych) offers you a frame or mount with three photos, if you wish to choose different photos to make it more personalised, then email through your selection, remember to choose three landscape(horizontal) or three portrait (vertical)

Sample 6- Product below is the 33x11cm Photo In a 51x26cm Mount.
This information is also relevant for the 3-15x20cm Photos in a 51x26cm Mount

This product is the unframed option of the frame shown in sample 5.

Sample 7- Product below is the 15x10cm Photo in 20x15cm Mount and the 21x14cm Photo in 30x22cm Mount.
This information is also relevant for the 30x20cm Photo in 40x30cm Mount

If you prefer to get your own frame, feel free to purchase just the photo in the hand signed mount. Acid free mounts of course.
Also might make it easier if you wish to post overseas.

Sample 8 -This is a sample of a matted gift voucher.

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